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The Sisi Trail in the Carriage Museum
The Sisi Trail in the Carriage Museum

The Sisi Trail in the Carriage Museum

Follow the life of Empress Elisabeth from her marriage to her tragic death

Since 2008 visitors can enjoy the Sisi Trail laid out in the main gallery of the Carriage Museum, and follow the life of Empress Elisabeth from her wedding to her tragic death illustrated by her carriages and unique original mementos.

On show are, for example, the coach she rode in as an imperial bride, the charming carriages of her children, the golden Imperial Coach she used at her coronation as queen of Hungary, the carriage she alighted from just minutes before her assassination in Geneva, and the impressive black hearse that bore her to her final resting place.

These carriages are displayed together with portraits, paintings and unique objects that once belonged to Sisi: the sumptuous black robe with endless train, designed for the empress by Fanny Scheiner c. 1885, has iconic status among Sisi-fans; it documents the slender figure of this famous beauty celebrated for her tiny waist. On show are also the only extant saddle used by the empress (regarded as the best horsewoman of her time) and her reconstructed “riding chapel” comprising portraits of her favorite horses.

Filme zur Ausstellung

Die Toiletten der Kaiserin Elisabeth

Ein zeitgenössischer Zeitungsbericht.

Krönung von Kaiserin Elisabeth

Die Krönungsfeierlichkeiten am 8. Juni 1867 in Budapest

Attentat auf Kaiserin Elisabeth

Der Tod Kaiserin Elisabeths am 10. September 1898 in Genf


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