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Franz Joseph

Franz Joseph

On the occasion of the centenary of the Emperor's death 1830–1916

16 March to 27 November 2016

The 21 November 2016 will mark the centenary of the death of Emperor Franz Joseph, who ruled over the Habsburg Monarchy for sixty-eight years.

Majesty & Modesty

At the Imperial Carriage Museum Vienna displays of carriages and clothing will focus on how the image of the emperor was carefully staged in all its aspects, ranging from opulent pomp to an almost un-imperial modesty. Franz Joseph’s personal preference for frugality, which the monarch made no secret of, can be seen from several of the vehicles he used and contrasts starkly with the enormous sums expended on running the court stables or on his personal security when he was out driving.

Featuring original state coaches, magnificent trappings, exquisite gala dress and court liveries, this part of the Emperor Franz Joseph centenary exhibition will illustrate not only various ceremonial events such as state visits, celebrations of the imperial orders or the Corpus Christi procession but also how carriages were used in everyday activities. In addition, three major ceremonial events from the monarch’s long life will be focused on: his wedding to Elisabeth (1854), his coronation in Hungary (1867) and his funeral (1916). Many bystanders at the time felt they were witnessing not only the funeral of a long-serving monarch but the demise of an entire epoch.


16 March 2016
to 15 January 2017

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